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Book Cover Design

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I am pleased to present book covers designs created for Cindy Thomson.

Cindy Thomson is the author of Brigid of Ireland and a regular contributor to American magazines such as Internet Genealogy Magazine, Family Chronicle and History Magazine. She has done extensive research on Irish history.

book cover desing
Book Cover Design

The look and layout of a book cover are not completely random. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. As an artist I pay careful attention to every little detail, making sure that each book cover created is both representative of the contents of the book and attention grabbing when readers are skimming the bookstore shelves or online book shop (all three books are available on Amazon).

Windows of the World…

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Public domain images courtesy of

Vintage Cigar Labels

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We are loving these high-resolution public domain vintage cigar labels. You can find even more here.


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Inverso Mundus

The series of historical engravings «Inverso Mundus» (The World Upside Down), known since the 16th century, depicts a pig gutting the butcher, a child punishing his teacher, a man carrying a donkey on his back, men and women exchanging roles and costumes, and a beggar in rags majestically giving alms to a rich man. In these engravings, there are demons, chimeras, fish flying through the sky, and death itself, depicted variously with a scythe, or behind the mask of Doctor Plague.

In our interpretation of «Inverso Mundus», a multichannel video installation, absurd scenes from the historical carnival appear as episodes of contemporary life. Characters are acting out scenes of absurd social utopias, changing their masks, morphing from beggars to rich men, from policemen to thieves. Metrosexual cleaners shower the city with debris. Female inquisitors torture men on IKEA-style devices. Children and seniors are locked in a kick-boxing match. «Inverso Mundus» is a World where chimeras are pets and the Apocalypse is entertainment